An Awesome Bar cum Restaurant in Howrah Wines and Dines You Like No One Does

Kolkata- city of joy
Source: Floatel Hotel

Like Bihar is largely about civil services and Mumbai about the silver screen, Kolkata, the city of joy, is fanatical about eateries. There are food stalls, big and small everywhere in the city.

Food court
Source: Telegraph India

With shopping malls, multiplexes and posh areas budding up everywhere, this megacity has also become a hub of a variety of food outlets. From traditional to oriental, a myriad of cuisines, are now available for the people of the land and beyond.

Kolkata International Airport
Source: Photo Bucket

Another factor is that, Kolkata is very well connected with the rest of the country, be it through roadways, waterways, or airways. Hotels in Howrah and lodges are available at budget ranges, which not only attracts tourists, but also makes room for their comfortable stay. Most of these hotels come with their own eateries.


Yes, happy hours start in the city with a full tummy and some good wine. A lavish dinner is the perfect idea for a weekend. And isn’t is a big break from hectic schedules? Moreover, who would not love it when there’s an arrangement for food along with your stay?

That’s why eateries in Kolkata never lack visitors. The food’s good, the wine’s tasty. Do we need to say more?

They are your personal breathing space!

Bar cum Restaurant

In today’s world, where life has been restricted to corporate corridors, board meetings and money making, there’s hardly any time to meet old pals and spend some quality time. And, if you are thinking about inviting guests over for dinner, forget it, because you’ll never have the energy and time for that.

Say you are in the heat-laden, traffic-rich land of Howrah. Will you feel like cooking five-six dishes at one go? Will be ever be free from the kitchen that evening to spend time with your friend? We doubt that.

Hotel Zaika Bar cum restaurant in Howrah
Source: Hotel Zaika Inn

This being the case, your best bet has to be a bar cum restaurant in Howrah. Every such eatery has some amazing thing or the other to offer. Group up with friends, plan a college reunion or simply invite a colleague for a treat. You can always wine and dine them to your heart’s content.

They are a great option for parties!

birthday around the corner

Do you have your birthday around the corner or want to throw a luxurious marriage anniversary party? Are you excited about a recent achievement, and want to celebrate with family and friends?

These food outlets are the best options. Turn to the yellow pages today or simply use your smartphone to find one! The eateries offer you the perfect ambiance which is fun filled and enjoyable. And then, who doesn’t love good food? Kolkata is your ultimate gourmet destination if you are a foodie.

They are quintessential romantic getaways!

quintessential romantic getaways

Want to take your spouse out for a romantic candlelight dinner? Whatever can beat the matchless services of these food outlets? The ambiance, the cuisines, and the wine – it’s the perfect set up for a lovey-dovey evening.

The world is here in Kolkata. Where are you?


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